Working with Torsten Bröhan

From Bröhan Art Advisors to Wilhelm Deffke

Some work I realized for Torsten Bröhan

I started working with Torsten Bröhan in 2002. In the past 20 years I realized a lot of different works (including typefaces and books projects) for his design companies and now I am responsable for the website and the corporate design of the Bröhan Design Foundation.

I meet for the first time in 2002 as he came back from New York and was looking for a designer for his new Company “Bröhan Art Advisors”. From the first moment we both had the impression we could trust each other. As one of the few clients I every had, he gave me the possibilities to work free of boundaries. After 20 years of collaboration I can just say, the first impression was more than right!

I will publish some more information about the different projects we started together. In the meantime you can take a look at some of the works I have done for him.

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