A Face Facing Typefaces

An Italian living in Berlin

My I life is a like a roman that nobody really would like to read, so if you want, you can stop now. I was born to early in Florenz in 1965 and named Alessio after the Saint of the day in which everybody thought I was not going to survive. My father wanted to call me Diocleziano, but the priest told him, it wasn’t possible because the roman emperor Diocleziano has killed so many Christs – btw, not enough if you ask me. My short name would now be «Dio», that means «God» in italian. Just to emphasize which role a name could have in your life.

The first 19 years

After living Florenz, my family settled in Cuneo, Piemont. During the week I lived with my little brother in Saluzzo by our grandparents. We saw our parents only from Saturday in the afternoon until Sunday evening. So I lived with elder people that usually meet other elder people a spoke about the things elder people talk about. I became elder too, but at least I had the possibility to read a lot of very good books, books you can find in the library of elder people interested in literature, culture and history. I thought other children were strange because they never heard something about James Joyce’s Ulysses – a book my Uncle was reading in the toilette. I see, I didn’t mentioned that Uncle Gianmario was living with us too. 

The second 19 years and the years after the first and the second 19 years

Well, to make it short: I studied visual communication at the ISIA in Urbino. Then I went to Berlin, worked at MetaDesign (Erik Spiekermann was still there at the time), founded one graphic design studio (agorà) then a secon one (Leonardi.Wollein) and then the actual one, Lion&Bee with my beloved wife Imme. Since 2000 I teached in different Schools and Universities, 2010 I become professor for visual communication at the University of Applied Science and Arts, HAWK in Hildesheim, Germany.
So, now I am here and if you want to learn more about me you can ask ore go to my website (

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