FF Handwriter

The one and only handwritermaschine (published by FontShop International in 1997)

FF Handwriter

From the FontShop website (the place where you can buy these fonts): 
«FF Handwriter is a brilliant hand-rendered typewriter design, drawn in monospace. Both FF Handwriter Regular and FF Handwriter Bold capture the feeling of a typewriter, but interpreted through a hand-drawn lens. There is a companion pictogram font: FF Handwriter Symbols. The series is from Berlin-based designer Alessio Leonardi, who says this about his type creation: “FF Handwriter is the only truly portable typewriter typeface, and looks great to boot. It guarantees success if used for love letters, and shows a lot of character when used for filling-out official forms. Especially handy are the many symbols for office and interpersonal communication.”»

See FF Handwriter in action

FF Hanwriter is a very successful typefaces family. It has been used all over the world, mostly in editorial design, but also for small corporate identities and packaging. I am working on a very big extension of the family. Let’s see, when I will be ready …In the meantime you can see the typefaces in use. 

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