The Change Typeface Family:
now available
at Fontwerk!

My new Typeface Release has a long Story 

Change found on the street: Die Wege für die Zukunft

Change Berlin Fernsehenturm

Change Typefaces, Berlin, Rotes Rathaus

Deffke Headline

A typefaces family for the Bröhan Design Foundation

FF Handwriter

Die erste und wahrscheinlich einzige handgezeichnete Schreibmaschinenschrift.

Some of My Typefaces in Action

Our team

Alessio Leonardi
The Man Without Qualities

The Book of Robert Musil is one of the few I couldn’t read to the end. But I tried, at least.

Alessio Leonardi
The Man Manager

Managing need to be learnt.
And I didn’t. 

Alessio Leonardi
The Man Analyst

No data will be collected, so it will be easy to make some Analyses.

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